Mountain Shadows Golfing Event

Mountain Shadows Golfing Event
Golfing For A Cause

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Great golf event at Maderas Friday Sept 24th

I am the chairman for the 18th Annual Mountain Shadows Fall Classic which will be held this year at Maderas Golf Club in Poway on Friday September 24th. Look here is the deal. You get a friend to sign up a 4 some and this is what they will get for only $200 per person ($800 for the 4 some). Hawaiian plate lunch, free driving range, $25,000 putting contest, free games on the course, free drinks and alcohol on the course, a few cute girls here and there, a great dinner following the 18 hole scramble. Basically, a great day of fun. Oh did I mention the green fee at Maderas on a Friday is $165 !!! You or your friend will not be dissappointed !! Oh yeah I forgot to even mention our goodie bag which contains a lot of great stuff including a nice Adidas short sleeve windshirt that retails for over $50. And yes there is awards for top 4 finishers too !!

Please convince your golf buddies or maybe a business associate who wants to impress a few friends with a day of golf, to go to our website and register now.

Mountain Shadows Foundation

Thanks for listening

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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Golfing For A Good Cause!

Mountain Shadows Organization is dedicated to offering quality care to clients with special needs in beautiful home environments throught Riverside County, and Escondido California.

Donations are always accepted to support the quality care of the clients they serve.
Feel free to contact Mountain Shadows by visiting their website at:

SAVE the date - Friday, September 24, 2010
Ask about their 18th Annual Golf Tournament to raise funds
for Mtn. Shadows Foundation

Online payments and donations are accepted securely with Paypal.

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Golfing On A Budget

Golf on a Budget

I know what you’re thinking – golf on a budget! Can there be such a thing? Well, it is possible, if you take a balanced, objective look at the strategies used in marketing golf products.

Case in point – I just interviewed a local golf shop owner today. We were talking about the new golf balls, and he was telling me that representatives from different companies send him golf balls to use, hoping that he’ll recommend them to his customers.

Well, he said he’s tried just about everything, and in his opinion, they all play about the same now. Picking up a box of 12 Titleist balls, he said, “This one is probably the best.” They cost $24.99 for the dozen. Then he laughed and picked up another box. “But this one is our best seller.”

The box was priced $44.99 for the dozen. I looked surprised. He shook his head and said, “It’s all hype. People think that if the balls cost double, they’re bound to play better.”

Now we have the new hybrid ironwoods. Are they really going to change your game that much? Or is it all a part of the marketing pitch?

I heard one marketer say that since the golf market was so saturated, he priced his clubs at three times the price of anyone else’s. And he sold hundreds of thousands of dollars worth. The clubs weren’t any more expensive to make than other clubs. It was just a “market test”. And folks bought like crazy.

Since no two people play golf the same - and everyone has an individual physique and swing – a product that adds distance for one player may not help another player at all.

Think about something you do very well that requires a piece of equipment. You’re the expert in this area. Should everyone who attempts your job then buy the exact same equipment as you have? Will that mean they’ll be able to do the job better or as well as you?

Food for thought, isn’t it? I enjoy gardening, and have a lovely flower garden. But I only have one or two garden tools that are considered the best. The other things I use because that’s what I’ve always used.

So just because one golf pro buys one kind of ball or club doesn’t mean that it’s the best for you.

The sales pitches that swear you’re going to add 30 yards and never hit another slice entice us to shell out the big bucks. But if you’re careful and have a healthy dose of skepticism, you’ll save both time and money in the long run.

Remember, in the golf world, just because a product is more expensive, doesn’t mean it’s necessarily any better.

Donations are always accepted to support the quality care of the clients they serve.
Feel free to contact Mountain Shadows by visiting their website at:

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Being Fitted For The Golf Game

Being Fitted for the Game

Generally, a set of clubs off the shelf isn’t likely to be a perfect fit for you. Manufacturers create clubs for folks of average build – whatever that is! Not only is everyone different in their physical make-up, but no two players swing exactly the same. So one golf club size definitely does not fit all.

If your clubs are too long or too short, you're likely to have problems. To find the right size clubs for you, try swinging with a few different lengths. Basically, you choose clubs that are about as long as the distance from your navel to the floor. You don't need to decide right away—lots of courses and driving ranges have sample clubs that you can practice with until you find the perfect fit!

You can rent different kinds of equipment, too. Before you invest in a set of expensive clubs, try a variety of types at your local golf course. Test the waters for a few months. See what feels best for your game.

Now, if after you’ve tried out several brands of clubs, and you’re getting serious about the game, it’s a good idea to get custom fitted by a PGA professional at a golf range. Don’t do this until you’re able to consistently repeat a swing. Bottom line – if you can’t hit worth a nickel, you don’t need to be fitted for clubs yet!

A golf pro can help you find which clubs are best for you. As previously stated, everyone has a different physique. Some clubs just aren’t going to feel right to you. This is no reflection on your game and certainly no reason to quit playing. By getting custom fitted for your clubs, you will likely hit the ball more consistently and accurately.

First, the fitter will have you hit a few balls. This is no time to try to impress. Just hit normally, and try to loosen up. Your swing speed will be recorded to determine the right flex of shaft.

Fitters will take into account the length of the club so that it’s comfortable for you. They’ll look at your hands to determine if you need special grip fitting. You may need longer or shorter clubs.

The angle of the club may be adjusted for you as well. When you’re done with the “fitting”, specific recommendations will be made regarding

• Length of club
• Size and design of clubhead
• Lie angle
• Shaft type
• Grip type
• Set make-up

Then you can make a wise decision on exactly what clubs to purchase. You will likely see an improvement in your game overall when you have the right equipment, tailor-fitted for you.

Donations are always accepted to support the quality care of the clients they serve.
Feel free to contact Mountain Shadows by visiting their website at:

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Developing Your Own Golfing Style

Developing Your Own Style

Some beginners think that all they have to do is mimic V.J. Singh’s or Tiger Woods’ every move and voila! Instant golf success!

Unfortunately, it’s not that easy.

Really, no two people ever swing at the ball in the same way. Because of your unique body build, you develop your own individual set of muscles. A method of golf used by one person who’s of a different build and has developed a different set of muscles may not be of value to you. Golf will always be individual. Find a method of playing that produces results for you, and then go with it.

While it’s often a waste of time to try to copy someone else’s style or imitate someone else to a T, coaching by a professional can help in finding a fault that you've developed and getting suggestions on how to make corrections. But you want to hire someone who works with the natural swing you have rather than a teacher who tries to teach you something totally different.

If you hire a pro, make sure he is a top notch player. You don’t just want him to stand there and watch you swing either. Have him actually show you how to get out of sand, mud, and water and the principles of some less obvious shots. Then you’ll really be getting value for your money!

When you’re ready to play a game, and you’re faced with a shot - make your decision on how you're going to do things. Don’t be persuaded to change your methods every time you have a bad game.

Granted, some techniques really are fundamental principles and need to be observed. But it’s impossible to make a shot and the whole time be thinking of seven or eight things like your grip, where your feet are, where the ball is, keep your eye on the ball, follow through, keep your head straight, etc.

Here are two basic tips to improve your individual game.

The one foundation you need no matter what stroke you’re making, no matter what club you’re playing with, is balance. You must keep balanced during the striking of the ball.

Another basic tip is to always keep your eye on the ball. Make sure any stance you take allows you to see the ball from every point of the stroke.

Take your time and develop your own methods that work for you. And when you’re doing well, be sure to give the kid who’s trying to mimic you the advice above!

Donations are always accepted to support the quality care of the clients they serve.
Feel free to contact Mountain Shadows by visiting their website at:

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The Art Of The Putt


The majority of the game of golf is putting – pure and simple.

It looks so easy – rolling that little ball into a nearby hole. But mastering the skill has threatened many a golfer’s sanity.

Here are a few tips to help improve your putting skills.

• Use just one ball when you practice your putting. This is closer to what a real game is like. You tend to concentrate better this way than if you have a bucket of balls to keep digging into. And be sure to practice your putting daily.

• Putting isn’t all in the wrists. When you’re putting, the palms of your hands face each other. This prevents one hand from dominating and ensures that both work together for you.

• Make sure you’re totally relaxed before you strike the ball. Loosen up your muscles so they feel flabby and jelly-like. Never tense up your muscles when putting!

• Make your back and follow through strokes the same length.

• Keep your putter face square by weakening your left hand and strengthening your right.

• Rely less on your wrists and more on your shoulders when putting.

• Keep that left wrist firm.

• Relax your knees a little. Don’t lock up.

• Your heels should be shoulder-width apart.

• Gary McCord advises that on curved putts, keep your feel parallel to the line you’ve chosen, not parallel to the hole.

• As you make contact with the ball, you want to accelerate the putter. Keep the putter grip moving toward your target.

• It’s better to miss a putt by sending it beyond the hole than by having it come up short. Finishing off the shot will be easier.

• Practice your putt at home on your carpet when the weather is bad or you can’t get to the golf course.

• Find a putter that works well for you and stay with it.

• Have something at stake at every hole so you become accustomed to putting under pressure.

Donations are always accepted to support the quality care of the clients they serve.
Feel free to contact Mountain Shadows by visiting their website at:

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The Process of Golfing

The Process of Golf

Golf is learned little by little one step at a time.

Not exactly a modern American game, is it?

Well, if your heart is set on “convenience” sports, you might want to consider kickball or four-square. Golf isn’t learned in a day. Or even a year. According to some players – even a decade is too short! There’s no such thing as a perfect golf game. That’s all part of the “beauty and beast” nature that makes up this simple, complicated game.

There are some fundamental tips, though, that can shave a few years of frustration off your career! Some golfers disagree on even the basics. So I guarantee you’ll find somewhere someone who will disagree with me. But here’s what I’ve found to help golfers tremendously in improving their game.

The three most important steps that you want to keep in mind all the time are
• keep your head still
• keep your club head traveling in a straight line while in contact with the ball
• relax your muscles.

I really can’t say enough about the importance of keeping your head perfectly still throughout your shot. I’ve seen frustrated golfers of all sizes improve immediately upon concentrating on this one step.

When your head is still, you can see the ball clearly. And how can you hit something that you can’t see?

Keeping your club head traveling in a straight line while in contact with the ball will help you avoid slicing and a host of other ills.

Relaxation of your muscles aids tremendously in keeping your balance. Balance is paramount to a good golf game and you don’t want to have to brace your muscles all over your body. Stand comfortably so you can reach the ball easily. As far as propelling the ball is concerned. the muscles which add to the force are the muscles which twist the body around. They’re the most powerful. So relax those arms!

If your game is off, go back to these three important steps. Don’t change your stance or swing. Just go back to the three basics and you’ll get back on track.

Donations are always accepted to support the quality care of the clients they serve.
Feel free to contact Mountain Shadows by visiting their website at:

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